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Daniele Marni Liutaio

Daniele Marni, born in 1995, entered the world of music at the age of ten by taking violin lessons with Maestro Umberto Oliveti.

After his high school diploma he came to violin-making, training at the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan. During his studies he learned the techniques of restoration of ancient and modern instruments and in 2017 he attended the bow restoration and maintenance course held by master Piero Cavalazzi. He graduated in 2018 from the ''Laboratorio di Costruzione di Strumenti ad Arco'', under the guidance of the masters Lorenzo Rossi, Stefano Gibertoni and Michele Dobner.

He collaborated as a trainee with the luthiers Mattia Riva (Varese) and Gino Sfarra (L'Aquila).

He currently works in Milan where he opened his business, based in the Dergano district, near the M3 stop. In his laboratory he builds violins, violas and cellos, making them entirely by hand and taking inspiration from traditional Milanese and Cremonese models. He also dedicates himself to the restoration of instruments and carries out set-ups and adjustments according to the needs of each musician.

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